Photos taken with my TRV-900 digital video camera, Canon S110, and Sony Cybershot U20 still digital cameras.

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Heather on the Seine, July 2003 HRH

Marc Dietrich in Brussels, July 2003 HRHPierre et Francoise Leroy in the Marais, July 29, 2003Place Luxembourg, July 2003, HRH

Eiffel Tower July 2003 HRHHeather in Paris, where she belongs July 2003 HRHRoom with a view, Manos Hotel Brussels, July 2003

Mom, Dad, father-in-law Stan at Myrna Valley, BC Dec 25, 2001 Christmas Dinner 2001 in Kelowna

Heather Handywoman, December 2001Santa Figley and wife, Penticton BC, HRH December 20, 2001

Hanson at Sun Peaks, BC December 2001 Northwest Road, December 2001

Streelight through snow, Kelowna December 2001, HRH Capilano, BC 2, October 25, 2001 by HRH

Unionville bridge, October 2001 by HRHUnionville house, October 2001 HRH

A Change of Seasons 1, October 2001 by HRH A Change of Seasons 2, October 2001 by HRH
Horseshoe falls rainbow, September 8, 2001, Hanson R. Hosein Heather, my Maid of the Mist, September 9, 2001 Hanson R. Hosein
The American Falls, Niagara, September 8, 2001 Rainbow through the American Falls, September 8, 2001, Hanson R. Hosein
CN Tower and CBC Building on Front Street, September 2001, Hanson R. Hosein CN Tower and CBC Building Black & White, September 2001, Hanson R. Hosein
Ottawa parliament buildings, August 24, 2001 Hanson R. Hosein Sid and Barbara Cohen in Ottawa, August 24, 2001

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem 5 28 2000, Hanson R. Hosein With Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien (right) and Ambassador to Israel Michael Bell (center).  June 2000, Jerusalem

Mom and Dad with my Emmy Heather in Unionville

Israeli PM Ehud Barak on Meet the Press, October 8, 2000 Chaim Levy hold mike, Hanson R. Hosein Hanson and Prime Minister Ehud Barak, October 8, 2000

MORE PHOTOS AT Photos Page 2

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