Surprise! (from video) Birthday Girl!
Heather emerges (Beverley Basdeo) Surprise Heather! (Beverley Basdeo)
Heather and Mom after the shock

Party!  (Beverley Basdeo)

Sue and Roger   Audrey, Heather, Jennifer

Vern, Teres, Mel's Back, Lynn and Hanson
Beverley and Pam, Shannon Lake duoMiles the Social Dog

Heather, Mom, Sahadeo foreground Lana and Robert Fine, Finbar, HeatherGraham and Pam Stevens

Vern and Terest Mohini and Mel Mohini (she gets around) and Sahadeo
David and Sheila French, Marilynn Fine Birthday greetings for the birthday girl Hanson taking a breather
Hanson serving Graham and David
Backyard (from video) Thar' she blows! (from video)