BC Photos
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Hanson Glenwood Heights April 24 2004 Ted Callahan and Brian Scanlan mountain bike

at nordic ski club february 2004 at Mongo's in Kelowna January 2004

Heather does the big screen news, October 2003 Heather and Kim Calloway anchoring Thanksgiving 2003

Smoke billows over Lake Okanagan, HRH Aug 19, 2003 Girl on beach near Manteo resort, Aug 19, 2003Red skies at night, Aug 19, 2003 HRH Lampost among the smoke, HRH Aug 19, 2003

Shake hands with Miles at Blasted Church Winery  With the GrandDog at Blasted Hills, October 2002

Heather crosses the longest trestle, July 25, 2002 Hanson needing a close shave, July 2002 Myra Canyon, BC

Nelson Protest, March 2002, by Heather Hughes Nelson scenics, by Heather Hughes, March 2002

Pinot Reach Winery, Jan 9, 2001 by HRH

Pinot Reach        Heather and Miles, Jan 9, 2002


Heather picks ice wine grapes at 7:00 a.m., Jan 28, 2002 HRH        Ice wine grape harvest, Jan 28, 2002 by HRH