A manuscripts of fiction (see below) and a short story:

PLOT SYNOPSIS: A Minstrel for The Moment
By Hanson R. Hosein (212 pages).  Read the entire manuscript

What if the world as we knew it, was turned upside down and inside out?  

A Minstrel for The Moment is a satire about how an insular society deals with the news that its world is about to end at the hands of some unseen enemy.  It begins in the fictional, city state of Lutece.  This anarchic and overpopulated place is a melting pot enclosed by medieval walls that its residents dare not breach.  It is the anti-21st century: a world without television, computers, satellites, newspapers, or even electricity.

Lutetians can only get their news through two media. The Association of Town Criers gets its scoops out through public oration.  And the hip, urban and cool Minstrels Guild broadcasts the news through song.

Cole Delphi originally broke the story about the Sultan of Lutece's political stumble after hearing about it from a Town Crier.  But this talented Minstrel doesn't like how his colleagues at the Guild have interpreted his “exclusive” to mean that Armageddon is nigh.  Cole abandons them, and sets out beyond the walls of Lutece to find the truth.  There, on the other side, he discovers a vicious tyrant who is motivated by his extreme belief in a higher power and a particular way of life.  But the evil Baron Herf does help Cole to discover the truth about the impending apocalypse.  Will the young Minstrel get the news out to his people before it's too late?

A Minstrel for The Moment is an allegory of the times, similar to Orwell's Animal Farm.  It pokes fun at our infatuation with political scandals and celebrity while more sinister events may be brewing in another world that we don't take the time to understand.