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I've stopped updating this website.

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And to check out our documentary website, "Independent America."  Read the blog.

A past essay for Off-Centre Magazine: "The World is Flat (So What Happens When We Get to the End?)"

A local production, watch "Two Tomorrows" created for the Okanagan Partnership.

Heather has her very own blog about our little corner of the world.

How to Survive Europe on Summer Vacation plus a separate page of photos.

HRH in Baghdad
Baghdad, Summer 2004.  See War Zone Yoga for an unusual perspective of this time away.  The official blog is available here.



Our road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway in search of "Independent America"  Read how we tried to shun corporate fast food and Motel 6's as we sought out the best of Mom & Pop...It's also an MSNBC travel story "Doing Business With Mom and Pop" (by Hanson Hosein aka "I have a lovely bunch of coconuts" -- courtesy of MSNBC.com's proofreader)

in the Lincoln's hangar
 Watch my NBC 2003 Middle East Reel (Quicktime MPEG4 file)

Desert Swan Song: my final assignment to Israel

Bribes and Knock-Off Chocolate Bars: my time in Lebanon

Road to Damascus: Syrian photo essay

Gulf Expedition: my return to the Middle East as an NBC correspondent in the Persian Gulf

MSNBC.com articles:

Hezbollah rejects U.S. "roadmap"  my interview with a top Hezbollah official:

Boosting A Homesick Crew's Morale
 Faith At Sea
Warships Wary of Iraqi Surprises

MSNBC Headline, photo by Hanson R. Hosein

   Tea in the Sahara
A Month of Sundays