Hanson Hosein at NBC Nightly News anchor desk in New York 11-1997MSNBC.com

From Brooklyn to the Negev Desert: an American exodus to Israel, and the hospitality of Bedouins [click on the "Play Video" icon to watch the TV version as it aired on NBC and MSNBC nationally].

Hezbollah rejects U.S. "roadmap"  

Boosting A Homesick Crew's Morale

Faith At Sea how a muslim and a jew get along on the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln

Warships Wary of Iraqi Surprises

Sound of Fury Masks Cries for Peace -- my analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

NBC 2003 TV Reel

The Emmy link for my time and efforts spent in Kosovo in 1999.

Some fiction writing and books.

CBC mugshot
CBC Mideast Diary
or television stories:
Interior Highway Reopened
Registering for Italians a Tough Sell in British Columbia
BC lumber town fights for survival
Group lobbies Saudi ambassador to free Canadian from death sentence
Merritt's a Mess
Airport Security Fee
Killer Windstorm
BC Band with first aboriginal winery
High Tech birth control reduces apple scourge
Video Surveillance in Canada

Brave Words from Powell as Peace Mission Ends
Meeting with Arafat Constructive -- Powell
Arafat Expresses Deep Condemnation of Terrorism
Israel Campaign Heats Up Ahead of Powell's Visit
Israel pushes further into the West Bank
Israel shells Arafat's headquarters
Israel Relatiates as Mideast Violence increases
Police Thwart Suicide Bomber
Mideast Violence
and  Gaza Attacks.
Ice Wine
British Columbia Job Cuts
Kamloops Diocese Closes

Sage and Wisdom
The magic of an herbal cure in the Middle East.  Jerusalem Report magazine, March 25, 2002

CyberJournalist.net Online Journalism Resources
... editor. Arik Hesseldahl, Senior Editor, Forbes.com. Hanson Hosein, TV and Internet journalist

Hope and Dread in The Middle East
Lamenting the ongoing violence between Palestinian and Israeli.  Originally written as commentary for MSNBC.com, still up on a Middle East Yahoo news group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MewNews/message/1208

McGill News: Alumni in action: A letter from the Middle East
... A Letter From the Middle East. BY HANSON R. HOSEIN, LLB'92, BCL'93,
Hosein in front of an Israeli tank PHOTO COURTESY Hanson Hosein. ...
www.mcgill.ca/alumni/news/archives/winter2000/hosein/ - 63k -

The Dying Dead Sea
NBC's Hanson Hosein reports on the disintegrating health of the Dead Sea and explores the diagnosis for the future (Part IV of MSNBC's series, Terminal Planet (nominated as a Finalist in the Online Journalism Awards -- November 2000)

A Palestinian child’s pastime
Hanson R. Hosein NBC News on MSNBC www.msnbc.com 01-Nov-00. THE ISRAELI ARMY maintains
that every dead or injured Palestinian child provides a powerful image of ... An article about children at war from MSNBC.com that was picked up by a Palestinian university website.
www.birzeitsociety.org/BZS/Community/index.cfm?Itemid=145 - 14k -

High Tech Israel
Israel's technology transformation Five thousand start-ups in a country of six million people By Hanson R. Hosein [originally appeared on MSNBC.com, picked up by Israel Seed]

Calm before the Storm in the Mideast
Reporter's Notebook on Israel's election day when Ariel Sharon came to power.  Originally an MSNBC.com article, now up on the Lao Veterans of America site at http://www.laoveterans.com/feb2c.html

Beards without Borders -- The Jerusalem Report
 - UP FRONT MARCH 15, 1999 Beards and Borders HANSON R. HOSEIN What bothers me most about international travel is airport security. Although I'm a television news producer with a relatively clean record, I still find myself getting a little self-conscious when it comes to crossing foreign borders.  Available on my profile page at SAJA.org. http://www.saja.org/hosein.html

SAJA: Hanson Hosein profile
Profile of a SAJAer: HANSON HOSEIN NBC News producer...
...Minutes; March 1997 in NYC. HANSON HOSEIN is currently a Middle...
www.saja.org/hosein.html -

Center for Constitutional Studies Article
Distored: A View of Canadian Multiculturalism Within a Bilingual Framework Hanson R. Hosein (Third Year...
www.law.ualberta.ca/centres/ccs/alr92.htm -

McGill Law Journal -- Volume 37 Editorial Board
McGill Law Journal. Revue de droit de McGill. Editorial Board - Comité de rédaction. Volume 37 1992. Editor-in-Chief David A. Chemla Rédacteur en...
URL: www.journal.law.mcgill.ca/history/v37board.htm

OJPCR 4.1: Culture and Conflict in the Middle East
My quote in Culture and Conflict in the Middle East: Western Correspondents' Perceptions of the Egyptian and Israeli Cultures by Mohammed el-Nawawy... Hanson Hosein, a chief producer for NBC in Tel Aviv, said, "When you are working in Israel, you know you have certain rights and that there is a certain amount ...